A-Z Facility Guide

Parking Stalls:
There are handicap stalls located outside the two main facility entrances.

Female washrooms which include handicap stalls are located in section D, J, and S.
Private unisex washrooms are located at J and S for patrons with additional needs.
Male washrooms which include handicap stalls are located in Sections: J and W.

 (Sections A -10 seats, Section G - 6 seats, Section V - 6 seats).
 Accessible seats are located on the main concourse in Sections A (10 seats), G (6 seats) and U (6 seats).  Please Note: Wheelchairs and scooters are not permitted on the floor during events.

Alcohol Management 
Our goal is to promote responsible alcohol service and enhance fan safety and enjoyment. Staff are trained in responsible alcohol management.
Rules and Regulations Governing Alcohol Management:

- Any person purchasing, possessing, or consuming alcohol must be 19 years of age or older and must produce an acceptable photo ID proving their age.
- Alcohol from outside the building CANNOT be brought in
- Any person found inside the building with alcohol not purchased in Western Financial Place is subject to immediate eviction.
- Intoxication in a public place is a criminal offence.  Any person found on the property in an intoxicated state will be removed from the premises without refund.
- Patrons that are deemed intoxicated will be denied access without refund. 
- Passing drinks to minors is prohibited
- Western Financial Place will not serve more than two alcoholic beverages to a patron at one time and we reserve the right to further limit or deny service.
- All purchases of alcoholic beverages are intended for consumption in Western Financial Place ONLY and may not leave the building.

Please Note: Alcohol policies are subject to change without notice and may vary upon each Special Event.

Animals or pets are not permitted in Western Financial Place, with the exception of service animals for fans with disabilities.  A service animal is defined as any animal that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.

Bank Machine
A bank machine is located on the main lobby.

Baby Change Stations 
Baby changing stations are located on the main concourse in all public female and male washrooms.

Box Office  
Phone (250) 426-SEAT (7328)

BUY TICKETS ONLINE tickets.cranbrook.ca
Western Financial Place – 1777 2nd St. N. Cranbrook, BC  V1C 7G9
Administration Office Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm

PLEASE NOTE THE BOX OFFICE IS ONLY OPEN ON TICKET LAUNCH DAYS AND SPECIAL EVENT DAYS. All other days, tickets are available for purchase at the Administration Office.

Payment Methods / Telephone Services/ Online Services
In person: Cash, VISA, Mastercard or Interac
By telephone: (250)426-SEAT (7328) VISA or Mastercard
Online:  VISA or MasterCard

Broken Seats 
If your seat is broken or dirty, please contact the nearest Guest Services representative for further assistance.

Calendar of Events 
Western Financial Place has a variety of events happening year round.
Take a look at our list here: Calendar of Events

Cameras and Recording Devices 
For most events, the use of flash photography and professional equpiment, video or audio recording is not permitted.  However, small point-and-shoot cameras are generally permitted. 

Cancelled/Postponed Events 
In rare circumstances, an event at Western Financial Place may be postponed, cancelled, or have a venue change.  Patrons will be notified by phone or email, and details regarding refunds or rescheduling options will also be provided on our website, www.westernfinancialplace.ca. 
Web processing charges are non-refundable.

Please contact the Cranbrook Bucks for more information at (250) 426-8889.

Children - Tickets 
All patron, regardless of age, who wishes to have a seat must purchase a ticket. Some promoters allow infants 2 years and younger to attend an event at no charge provided they sit on the lap of an accompanying adult and do not take up a seat. This is at the discretion of the event promoter and may not be available at all events.

Code of Conduct 
Fan courtesy is an important element at Western Financial Place.  We kindly request all guests be respectful of others around them.  Any guest who interferes with the enjoyment of another individual during an event is subject to eviction from the building.
During performances, we ask all guests to remain seated for the duration of the performance or until an appropriate break occurs. Depending on the demographics of some events (such as concerts), standing should be expected as normal protocol.
Unacceptable behaviors include, but are not limited to the following:
- Standing on chairs
- Drunk and disorderly conduct
- Fighting or challenging others to fight
- Exposing private body parts
- Interference with or delay of the game/event
- Violation of the local, provincial or federal laws and statutes
- Throwing, discharging or launching any liquid substance or object.
- Willfully and maliciously disturbing another patron/employee with loud and unreasonable noise
- Using profanity and/or offensive words which may provoke a violent attack from others
- Use of abusive, profane or threatening language to staff

Complaints regarding the provision of services to patrons should be directed to Guest Services located inside the main entrance doors during special events or to the Events & Marketing Manager, who is located at the Administration Office (250-489-0261) during regular business hours.

Operated by the Cranbrook Bucks 4 concessions provide are operated during events. These concessions offer products such as pizza, hot dogs, popcorn etc. A full service resturant is also located on site and normally operates during hockey games and events. 
Confectionary items are available at Shivers located in the main lobby.

Contact Information 
Western Financial Place
1777 2nd St. N.
Cranbrook, BC  
V1C 7G9

Administration Office:  250-489-0267
Box Office:  250-426-SEAT (7328)

Related Links: Contact Us

Updated map coming soon.

Door Opening Times 
Western Financial Place doors typically open one hour prior to all concerts and events. Doors may open 90 minutes early for events that require a pat down.
Door opening times may vary according to the nature and preference of the event.

Drinking Fountain
A fountain is located inthe main lobby.

There is one elevator located in the main lobby, adjacent to the arena entrance.

Emergency Evacuation and Exits 
Emergency exits are located throughout Western Financial Place and are clearly marked within illuminated red signage. Western Financial Place Guest Services, Fire Marshals and Security Staff have been trained in proper procedures for emergency response and will assist you in evacuating the premises.

Exit and Re-Entry Policy 
Many of our concerts have restrictions on exit and re-entry, and patrons may not be allowed to return once leaving the premises.

First Aid 
Emergency Medical Service Attendants are available to assist any guest in need during all concerts and major events.  The facility is equipped with three AED’s for emergency use. One at eh pool desk, main concourse behind section B, and the hockey dressing room hallway. 

Lost Child 
If you notice a lost child or if you become separated from your child please find a representative from Guest Services immediately for assistance. Found children will be taken to the Guest Services area located at the main arena entrance doors.

Lost and Found 
If you have lost an item during an event, please visit the Guest Services area located at the arena entrance doors.  For all Lost and Found inquiries after the date of the show, please contact our Administration Office at 250-489-0267.

Items found before, during or after an event should be turned into a Guest Services representative.  Items will be logged and kept for 90 days. Items may be donated to charity or disposed of at the discretion of the building management after 90 days.

Lost or Stolen Tickets 
Once an event ticket(s) is purchased, it becomes the buyer’s property and responsibility.  Reissuing of event ticket(s) is left to the discretion of the promoter representing the event.  If approved by the promoter and Western Financial Place management, a $2.00 fee per ticket will be charged to the patron. 

Concert/event merchandise is normally sold in the main lobby area. Locationa and times vary depending on the concert/event.

The Cranbrook Bucks Merchandise is available in their main office located in the main lobby. 

There are 953 parking stalls and 30 handicap stalls located at Western Financial Place. All stalls are within easy walking distance to the venue.
There are assigned stalls in the West lot for suite holders 
Annual prepaid parking passes are available for hockey games through the Cranbrook Bucks office.

Prohibited Items
For safety reasons, patrons are refused entry if they are in possession of prohibited items.  Illegal items will be turned over to Cranbrook RCMP.  If a patrons is found in the faciilty with prohibited items, the items will be confiscated and in some cases, they may be evicted from the building.

Prohibited Items include (but are not limited to):
- bottles
- cans
- coolers
- aerosol cans
- weapons and/or fireworks
- skateboards
- rollerblades
- roller skates
- alcohol/outside food or beverage*
- cameras, sound and/or video recording devices as per event restrictions
- helium balloons
- stolen tickets
- backpacks/large bags/luggage
- air horns/whistles/noisemakers/laser pointers of any kind
*This list of prohibited items may vary based on events.

Public Transportation 
Western Financial Place is located at 1777 2nd Street North.  The facility is serviced by Bus Routes #12 and #20. However Routes 22, 23/24 also go by Western Financial Place.

Pucks flying into spectator areas can cause serious injury. Please be aware of flying pucks. In the case that you or someone in your party is injured, please notify a Guest Services representative immediately.

Western Financial Place provides recycling bins at various locations in the building.  We request you assist us in being environmentally friendly by using the bins.

Security & Searches 
Bag Searches:
If you are carrying a purse, large bag or backpack, please be advised that for the safety and security of our fans, Western Financial Place only allows small handbags or baby bags into the venue.  We advise you to leave your backpacks and large bags either at home or locked in the trunk of your vehicle. You should also be aware that all bags are subject to a search before you are allowed into Western Financial Place. 
Pat Downs:
Some events may involve a full pat-down search.  Patrons that refuse to submit to either a visual or pat-down search will be refused entry at the discretion of security.

*Patrons found in possession of contraband items will be asked to remove items from the arena or dispose of them.  Guests who refuse to comply will be subject to ejection from Western Financial Place and Cranbrook RCMP will be contacted.

Smoking Policy 
In compliance with the City of Cranbrook By-Law #5372, Western Financial Place is a smoke free facility.

The extit no-entry policy applies for smokers. However, there may be outside designated smoking areas availabe during some concerts/events. Patrons are reminded that leaving the facility for any reason may result in no re-entry into the facility. 

Special Circumstance Seating 
If you require special seating of any kind, please let box office staff or guest services know right away so we can accommodate these special requests to the best of our ability.

Standing During Events 
Western Financial Place requests all guests remain seated during events. Depending on the demographics of the event (such as concerts) standing may be accepted as normal protocol.  Standing on seats or any other building structure is not permitted at any time and may result in eviction from the event.

If necessary, guests may bring strollers to events at the facility. All strollers must be collapsible and may not be left on the concourse or in any way cause an obstruction to other guests. Western Financial Place is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged strollers.

During hockey games, a cooler building temperature is maintained to provide a suitable ice surface for play. For other events where the ice is covered with an insulated sub-floor the building will be maintained at a comfortable room temperature, however under very cold winter conditions, patrons should still bring along extra warm clothing. 

Female washrooms which include handicap stalls are located in section D, J, and S.
Private unisex washrooms are located at J and S for patrons with additional needs.
Male washrooms which include handicap stalls are located in Sections: J and W.

Please follow these few conditions while walking in Western Financial Place:

1) Walkers must enter through the south entrance and use their security card to access the concourse EACH TIME.
2) Walking is available 6:00 am to 10:00 pm seven days a week, excluding Special Events, Special Event set-up/tear-down.  The concourse is closed for walking at 4:00 pm on Cranbrook Bucks home games.  
3) Walking will be allowed on the MAIN CONCOURSE LEVEL ONLY.  The ice level is strictly off limits.
4) Absolutely NO running on the concourse is allowed, but running of the stairs is allowed.
5) The above rules must be adhered to or you may be asked to leave.

Will Call/Ticket Reservations 
Prepaid tickets purchased over the telephone or the internet can be picked up at the Recreation and Culture (pool desk) at Western Financial Place weekdays 8:00 am to 8:00 pm or weekends noon to 8:00 pm.  Photo identification is required for pick-up.

On the day of the event tickets can be picked up at the Box Office at Western Financial Place.

Western Financial Place has a transport wheelchair on site for customers to use as required.
Please visit Guest Services located at the main entrance on the day of the event for access.

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