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General Pool Rules

General Pool Rules

  1.  Walk on pool deck and in change rooms

  2. For patron safety, excessive horseplay, pushing or dunking will not be permitted.

  • Patrons are not allowed to sit on each other’s shoulders.

  1. No chewing gum in the pool.

  • Gum chewing while swimming can result in choking.

  • Gum on the pool deck or in the water increases the janitorial workload

  1. Nursing Mothers are able to breastfeed at their own discretion within the WFP Aquatic

  2. Lost and Found Goggles are not to be given out to the public.

  • As per the direction from the Department of Health.

  • Eye infections are not easily killed by chlorine, sharing of goggles can result in the spread of infections.

  • Exception: If you are going to lend out a pair of goggles/use them for lessons, they must first be washed with soap and water.

  • No hypoxic training/breath holding training


All persons under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult (19+) in the Steam Room and Sauna.

  • The sauna and the steam room are not areas that are in direct observation of the Lifeguard on deck.
  • Children tend to underestimate their ability to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and can quickly succumb to medical conditions related to hot environments.
  • Recommended maximum time limit is 15 minutes.

Whirlpool maximum capacity is 19 people

  • Patrons using the whirlpool are to keep their head above the water at all times.
  • Provides for proper cooling of the body
  • Water clarity when the jets are on limits visibility of objects under the water
  • Prevention of ear infections.

Please shower before re-entering the main pool or leisure pool.

  • Showering allows the body to regulate cooling.
  • Showering cleans the sweat off of the body resulting in better pool chemistry.

Please use caution in hot areas if you are:

  • Taking medication
  • Currently under a doctor’s supervision
  • Have heart disease, high or low blood pressure
  • Pregnant

Person’s with communicable diseases, bandages, infections or open wounds/sores are prohibited to use the hot areas.

  • Possible spread of disease or infection to other patrons.
  • The person who is sick or has open sores/wounds can get an infection from the hot areas.


Diving board

  • 1 patron at a time
  • 1 bounce
  • Do not dive/jump towards any walls
  • Fulcrum (wheel) will remain locked in forward most position

Diving is only permitted on the deep end wall alongside diving board

  • Decrease the possibility of patron coming in contact with the bottom of the pool which could result in serious injury. 
  • Diving in same direction of diving board reduces risk of divers colliding

Mats are only allowed shallower than 1.9m depth, but can be stood on

  • Eliminates risk of a diver jumping onto a mat

Do not hang on the lane ropes in the main pool.

  • Excess weight on the lane ropes could result in the lane snapping and the patron being cut by the exposed wires.
  • It is very time consuming to restring lane cable and it costs a lot of money to replace a snapped cable.

Swim in lanes on the right hand side (as if driving).

  • This helps with congested lanes being used without conflict.


The wave pool will be used as a leisure pool when waves are not in use.

While waves in motion, stay away from wave pool rope.

  • Prevents patron from getting to close to the wave generator.
  • Prevents the possibility of getting an arm/leg caught in the bars.

Standing on mats in the wave pool is prohibited.

  • The wave pool basin is too shallow.
  • Falling from the mat can result in serious injury in the case of contact with the bottom of the pool.

Jumping into the Wave Pool is not acceptable.

  • Jumping into the wave pool (jumping in from a height into shallow water) can result in ankle, knee, hip or back injury.  This is intensified if the patron jumps in when a wave is at a low point, making the water shallower than normal.


Children under the age of 7 must be supervised by a responsible adult

  • The adult must wait at the bottom of the slide to help the child out of the flume

One rider at a time, as per the directive from BC safety authority

The maximum operational load of the slide is 300lbs as per the slide manufacturer

Ride feet first, not head first

Must be 42 inches tall to ride

Do not wear t-shirts, jewellery, or eyeglasses in the slide

Do not take anything down in slide

  • Lifejackets are permitted, provided they are being worn


Meant for small children/toddlers only

Must ride down seated

Must ride down feet first 

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