Street Cats Autocross

Autocross is being held in the north parking lot (by LED sign) at Western Financial Place on June 26, July 31 and August 28 (the last Sunday of each month).  Free for all spectators.

**Please refrain from parking vehicles in the parking lot at Western Financial Place the night before the event.  Vehicles may be subject to towing.

Autocross is a beginner’s form of motorsport. Individual drivers perform quick runs through a specified course laid out of with cones, one at a time. Low speeds and sharp turns hone a drivers ability and precision.

Drivers range from casual to serious drivers and teams, bringing everything from daily drivers to full spec track cars. All these vehicles must meet CACC specified requirements. Drivers must be prepared and able to meet CACC rules with proper equipment.

Autocross is a low cost, entry level motorsport which can help grow a community when attendees volunteer to help and support the event by laying cones and marshalling when others are racing.

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