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As Temperatures Drop, Thin Ice Warnings in Place for Local Water Bodies

November 16, 2021

Cranbrook, BC (November 16, 2021) – Ice is starting to form on our local water bodies, as colder temperatures begin to settle in.

It is important for the public to be aware of the dangers thin ice presents especially along Joseph Creek, Elizabeth, and Idlewild Lakes. Thin ice creates many dangers for adults, kids, and pets.

Please stay off the ice until it is at least six inches thick. We ask parents and caregivers to talk to their kids about the dangers thin ice presents and encourage adults to lead by example by staying off the ice, too. Keeping your pets away from open water bodies and thin ice is also important for their safety.

Public Works will be working to install outdoor rinks again this winter around the City as both temperatures and weather allow.

For those wishing to skate now, we have several public skating and other ice time opportunities available including public skating at the Kinsmen Arena, thanks to the Kin Club of Cranbrook. There is also Youth Stick and Puck, Parent and Tot Skating and other scheduled activities coming online over the next couple of weeks. 

Visit for up-to-date information, schedules, and COVID-related entrance requirements.